One World=One Goal=Education for all!

Dear Everybody,
In the next two days, behind closed doors, leaders from the world’s largest economies (the G20) will meet in South Korea to discuss the issues that affect our shared planet. They say their mission is to get the world on track for economic recovery and a better future for all. Yet the G20 are closing their eyes to the world’s poorest people and nations most at risk.
Thursday’s meeting will focus solely on global finance and economics and ignore development’s role in tackling poverty and helping those most in need. Basic education has been squeezed off the agenda and despite the creation of a G20 Development Working Group, the UN Millennium Development Goals are being sidelined as the world’s economic powers meet.Your voice can help restore development and education to their rightful place at the heart of the G20’s programme of action. It’s not too late for the hosts, South Korea, to make a strong statement in support of the MDGs and set the stage for the G20 to embrace actions on education and development in future years. Just sign your support and show them that the world is watching:
We know that education beats poverty yet millions of children around the world are still denied the chance for an education.

Millions of children around the world are still denied the chance for an education. This week the Global Campaign for Education revealed that 20 countries will need $1 billion in the next year to help them pay for children to go to school. Failing to help them could see millions of children out of school and, just last week, Mozambique had to rely on a last minute bail out from the World Bank as it was set to fire 1500 teachers.
As the world’s leading financial heads meet at the G20 we must show them that the public is watching and demanding they focus on fixing the problems that the banking crisis has created not just fixing the banks. Send an email to President Lee of South Korea so he knows he has the support of thousands of 1GOAL supporters behind him:
Education for all won’t happen overnight but it can be achieved if the world’s leading group of economic powers ensure that education and development are at the heart of their discussions at the G20 this week so that the people and countries worst off can benefit from, and contribute to, a strong, sustainable and equitable global economy. You can help make that happen by letting them know we don’t want them to turn their back on those most in need.
Thanks for continuing the campaign with us,
The 1GOAL team
1GOAL is a campaign run by the Global Campaign for Education calling on Education for All by 2015.



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